SMS Productions has been a leader in export products since 2003. Although we export many different products, our used clothing line continues to be the cornerstone of our foundation. This foundation has expanded to continents of Europe and America, We have been in the clothing export business since 2009. We are exporters for our many products to Europe , Canada and USA (like Spain, France, German, Australia, Finland, Poland, Turkey , Canada ,USA ) and we are trying to expand our business more. Our customers determine our growth and continued success. We treat our customers as a business partner. This allows for better communication and special attention to unique requirements. This philosophy provides a level of commitment not commonly found thorough the industry. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We pay special attention to every customer's special needs. By treating every customer as part of our organization we make you feel as though you are part of the Business Group Global family.
We sources quality garments and textile items from Bangladesh. We locate the manufacturing unit depending on the customers’ expectation and requirement with regard to the quality, quantity, fashion and price and most importantly to maximize customer value and satisfaction. We emphasize sourcing best quality fabric, as it is the key to ensure smooth and superior-quality-production.
Manufacturer Item # 1: Sweaters (3gg,5gg,7gg,12gg,14gg),Cashmere like piece finish. Cotton piece finish, All types of wash items.
Manufacturer Item # 2: T-shirt, Fleece, All types of wash items..
Manufacturer Item # 3: Woven, Denim, All types of twill pants, Cargo shorts, All types of wash items..
Manufacturer Item # 4: All Knitted, Woven Garments.
Acrylic, Cashmere like, Cotton, Cotton blends, Polyester, Nylon Knitted, We have the facility importing fabrics/yarns from China, Korea, Thailand, India in addition to the Bangladeshi local woven fabrics / yarns.


Stone wash, peach wash, sand wash, prints, plain dyed, tie & dye, weaves, etc.


We would be pleased to provide samples and arrangement to the clients meeting the requirements of color, fabric and style of the current season as well as the forthcoming seasons. Our team is dedicated to make themselves available to the client’s office with the samples. .

Quality Control and Order Execution
Orders are closely monitored right from the sampling stage till shipping. We keep the buyers fully informed on every stage of the production process and believe in maintaining a pro- active approach to prevent unpredictable problems that could cause delay in on-time delivery. Quality control mainly involves monitoring of quality from fabric to finishing such as: Counter sample and salesmen sample inspection
• Full size set pattern grading and size set sample inspection.
• Fabric and trims inventory and Inspection. • Pre-production inspection.
• In-line inspection.
• Final Inspection
• Container staffing and loading inspection.
The detailed visual inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications and instructions from the buyers and it covers criteria such as design/style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortment, workmanship, measurements, packing, etc.

Status Reporting:
As a part of the above multistage inspections, the execution of purchase order is closely monitored and status reports by fax or e-mail are sent to the clients in order to inform the production progress relative to the delivery terms. The consignment is allowed for shipment only if, it is up to the buyers’ required standard.

Laboratory Test:

We test our product as per buyers’ needs/specifications. Usually, we use MTL, ITS or SGS who has operations in Bangladesh and these labs are approved by most of the multinational and international retailers.

Container Stuffing/ Loading Supervision:

An identification of the goods are made during loading to make sure that only the inspected goods are being stuffed without getting mixed up with the un-inspected goods.

Documentation and shipping Co-ordination:

We collect and check the shipping documents as per buyers' requirements and instructions and send the documents to the buyers well in advance of the shipment. Buyers receive continuous updates on the shipments.

Visit to Bangladesh:

We assist and accompany buyers on their Dhaka visit including factory for assessments, sampling and inspections. We help and arrange travel itinerary, hotel bookings and accommodations in Bangladesh. We also guide our buyers on the business practices of the country, its customs, heritage and traditions.

Details of the company members:

1. Managing Director
Md. Mizanur Rahman Nipu
Cell no- +8801714096164
Email: nipu@smsproductionsbd.com

2. Director
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Cell no- +8801716637949
Email: shafique@smsproductionsbd.com

3. Director
MD Shah Alam
Cell no- +8801714096172
Email: shahalam@smsproductionsbd.com